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THC Has Many Surprising Effects

THCa, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, might sound like a mouthful, but it’s a compound in cannabis that’s sparking curiosity far and wide. Before it becomes THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) — the psychoactive element that most people associate with marijuana — it sits in its raw form: non-psychoactive and packed with potential.

THCa has anti inflammatory properties. Imagine that while you’re chopping veggies, you accidentally cut your finger. It swells, right? This is inflammation. Imagine a balm which contains THCa that you can apply directly to the skin. The compound is believed to help soothe your body’s inflammatory response, just like ice does on a bruise but without any chill.

Let’s not stop here. For those in sports and jobs that require physical exertion, muscle soreness may be as commonplace as dirt on hikers’ boots. THCa has a new role to play. THCa may have muscle-relaxing properties that could help relieve aches after a tough workout or long day.

THCa is also able to provide neuroprotective advantages for our body’s neural highways. The brain needs to be protected against damage. It is the command center that controls everything from catching and throwing a ball, to solving problems. THCa could be thought of as a helmet for your brain when you play football. Early research suggests that this substance helps shield nerve cell damage and supports healthy brain function over time.

What about those with nausea? Anyone can suffer from nausea. It could be from motion sick while driving or the side effects of chemotherapy. THCa to the rescue again! It has antiemetic property — calming the turbulent seas of your stomach.

Now, here’s something completely unexpected — appetite stimulation. THCa has the ability to cause munchies without the potent psychoactive effects of its cousin THC. It can be beneficial for people with challenging health conditions that need to maintain appetite, but prefer to avoid a high.

The juicing of raw cannabis leaves, rich in THCa and a natural remedy for wellness, has been compared by those with a passion for wellness to the squeezing of fresh oranges in the early morning. By avoiding heat-processing methods (which turn THCa in THC), this phytonutrient powerhouse is consumed in its purest, most natural form.

Let’s make a small pivot here and consider something equally essential — accessibility, and legal status. THCa doesn’t intoxicate before it is heated up or aged into THC. Therefore, products that contain only THCa fall under a different regulatory category than those containing THC. This allows people to explore the benefits of marijuana without having to worry about breaking any laws or experiencing undesirable psychoactive effects.

If you ever hear anyone talking about cannabis at a party or coffee stop, be sure to remember that this plant has more benefits than just its fiery reputation. And who knows! Bring up THCa and you might spice things right up!