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Unraveling the Mysteries of the Modern Pipefitter

Imagine that you’re drinking your morning coffee, eager to get started on the day’s work, and then, all of a suddenly, a disaster strikes. Unknown sources of water start to pool at your feet. It’s a panic situation. Isn’t funny how we think of Plumbers only in crisis situations? They are unsung heroes who keep our sinks humming and our pipes gurgling.

The plumbing system, like the gears on a watch, is mostly hidden, but it’s essential for smooth sailing. Imagine your house without a toilet that works or a tap that drips and keeps you awake all night. Dreadful, right? A plumber’s art is performed in your attic, six feet underground. It’s almost as if the plumber has a magic wand which can turn chaos into tranquility.

Last year I had my own plumbing issue. One day before a big family event, the pipes exploded out of nowhere. As you might imagine, disaster loomed. Joe the Rescuer was the plumber that I called. Joe the Rescuer was there faster than a speeding car, and he had a toolbelt that rivaled Batman’s utility bag. Within minutes he had diagnosed the problem, and he got to work. He also cracked jokes throughout to relieve my anxiety.