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Asian Flower Paintings and Flower Art is a Passion for People

My collection is large and I enjoy them all in https://www.thetingology.net.

Vu Viet Strung has created some stunning oil scenes. My house is filled with peace and tranquility thanks to these Asian floral paintings. I love the subtle colours and themes. They look great on my own walls.

I have a much more refined feel in my office compared with the rest of our house. When I think, I find it helpful to have a nice subjective Asian floral painting. For a very long time, I searched for the perfect piece to hang in that space. Enlightenment is a work by Soniei, an artist I discovered.

In a yard-sale, I came across surprisingly an Asian floral painting. It’s not something I usually do, but the painting was on display in front of me and it drew my attention. When I first looked, I assumed I was seeing a picture of a palm. When I looked closer, it was a painting of a bonsai.

Soniei has a new collection called the New Zen Sho Collection. He is a great function. It is said that the abstract i bought was a good Asian floral painting as it featured bamboo. There is beautiful calligraphy in addition to bamboo.

Mom loves the Asian floral paintings that I buy. In a Hartford art gallery, while on vacation, I discovered one of my favorites. The item did not go with the decor of my house, so I purchased it for her. The girl has really enjoyed the item. The acrylic painting features two blossoming trees on both sections. This painting is stunning with the red tones. This painting is beautiful in the home of her friend.

The Asian Flower Paintings are not as popular with my husband. The people don’t even talk to him. While he was happy with the color scheme, he allowed me to display 1 painting. It was black and white.

It’s a painting of Asian flowers by Soniei with tones in sea-foam. The painting is much less imposing than one that I recently purchased, Enlightenment. The one I bought is called “Self-Awareness” and it is beautiful. Another painting depicting bamboo bedding.

The kid loves Asian watercolor flower paintings on paper. The local paper is where she keeps an eye on advertisements for those promoting these products. She already has 3. She’s well on the way to completing her collection.

In Asian flower painting, bamboo is the main subject. There are so many paintings that feature bamboo in different media. Since I am buying so many paintings as gifts, I give them to family and friends.